Less Is More: The New Slimmer You in 2016


A new year is an excellent time to reinvent yourself, and there’s never a better time to start losing weight and getting healthy. Weight loss also comes with an added advantage – a new wardrobe!

Less Is More The New Slimmer You in 2016

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Dressing for the new slimmer you means you can make the most out of your figure. If you lose weight and keep it off, you’ll want to always look your best, and by remembering these fashion rules, you’ll always look stylish.

Expose a Bit of Neckline

A lower V-neck creates a focal point that draws attention up and away from your midsection, giving the impression of a long, slim upper body. V-necks are very flattering, as they balance a broad waist and wide hips, and the more skin that’s exposed between the chin and chest, the more elegant your proportions.

Opt for High-Waisted Pants

High-waisted pants may have seemed to be terribly unfashionable in the past, but when worn correctly they can be very slimming. A higher waist tricks the eye into thinking that the body is leaner and longer, especially if the pants’ hem is slightly wider. High-waisted pants are sexy, stylish and can look amazing with a tucked-in fitted blouse or crop top.

Don’t Hide Behind Baggy

Baggy clothes not only look scruffy, but they also make you appear larger than you really are. This year embrace exercise and remember these tips to ensure that your body looks its best. Throw out those baggy pants and over-sized shirts, and purchase some women’s skinny designer jeans at a store such as http://www.cuba-clothing.com/. You’ll go from drab to fab in minutes.

Embrace Shapewear

We all need a helping hand here and there, and shapewear is an excellent option for anyone looking to smooth out a few bumps or streamline their curves. Shapewear can do everything from lifting your breasts to giving you a perkier bum, and it’s many women’s secret weapon for a slimmer look.

Stick with One Colour

Dressing all in one colour can make you look even slimmer and is effortlessly stylish. When wearing a top and bottom of the same colour, you create an uninterrupted line that makes you look taller. If you break the line and create a contrast, attention is immediately drawn to your middle.

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