How to stay warm on an Autumn walk


Autumn is almost here and the early part of the season can see some changeable but pleasant weather. It can be a great time to get out and about walking before the colder winter season appears and after the heat of the summer sun has decreased.

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If you plan on taking some nice long walks in the Autumn there are a number of things that you should think about taking with you.

  • Warm layers – Autumn can be unpredictable and what starts out as a pleasant day can turn a little chilly later. It is a good idea to pack layers and take Aran Sweaters like the ones from with you to provide you with some warmth.

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  • Walking shoes – with the ground needing moisture following the summer you can find that the soil becomes cracked in some areas or water laden in others. It is a good idea to wear a good pair of walking shoes or boots to help protect your feet and ankles whilst out walking on uneven terrain.
  • Food- time can slip away with you when you are out enjoying the delights of nature so it is a good idea to pack a bag with drinks and snacks that you can enjoy. If you plan on making a day trip of your walk, take some lunch with you as well or plan a trip to the local pub on the way.
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