Five Popular Types of Wool


Wool is a material that has been used for thousands of years and is still a popular choice of material for those looking for something warm and cosy to wear. It is a natural material and is therefore also a good choice if you want something that is kind to the planet.

There are many different types of wool, and they each have their own unique properties – here are a few of the popular wool types…

Alpaca – This is a wool that originates from the South American animals the alpacas and has been used for thousands of years to protect from the cold weather in places like the Andes.

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Merino – A wool that comes from the merino sheep, it is mostly produced in Australia and New Zealand. One of the qualities of the merino wool is the ability to absorb bacteria – merino wool sweaters women and men wear like this are perfect if you like to do outdoor winter activities.

Mohair – This is a wool type that comes from goats rather than sheep. It is very thick and well suited for all sorts of cosy things, from blankets to jumpers.

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Cashmere – This luxurious wool type is well known for being a high quality wool. If you want something that is soft and comfortable as well as long lasting, then this is the wool to go for.

Virgin – This soft wool is called virgin because it is taken from the first shearing, when the sheep is still very young. It is also known as lambswool for this reason.

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