How can I know the date on which I opened my Facebook account?


We have been on Facebook for so many years that, at times, we lose track of the time that has passed since we stepped on this social network for the first time. When did we enter the Mark Zuckerberg domains? Can we know the date on which we opened our Facebook account? The answer is yes.

Discovering it is much simpler than it seems and there are several ways to achieve it. What happens is that they are unintuitive methods, which is why sometimes we do not know they exist. Although following our steps will be easy.

First method: Editing the profile

This first way to know the date on which we open our Facebook account is the fastest and simplest to carry out. It will only be necessary to go to our profile page of the social network and click on the “Edit profile” button.

Once we have in view the window that has been opened, we will move along the different sections and practically at the end we will find one called “He has joined Facebook”. It shows a month and a year, the date on which we started on Facebook. Easy, right?

Second method: Filtering the profile

The second form is not as fast as the previous one, but maybe you can reveal the exact date, including the day, if we made any publication on our first day on Facebook.

We must place ourselves on our profile page, move a little down, look at the top bar that will appear and click on “Recent”. Now we will display a menu with several consecutive years and maybe some remote. The remote ones will be for important dates that we have included, such as the day of our birth, while the year furthest from the consecutive ones will be that of our Facebook entry .

We will click on it and then another drop-down will appear with the text “All publications”. Click on it and in the drop-down we repeat what we have done before, in this case accessing the furthest month . Once in it, we can take a look at the publications and see if we find any made the day we open the account.

Third method: Diving in the activity log

The third way we have to find the date on which we began our journey on this platform is more prosaic and even slower. The positive thing is that we surely find the day on which we started. To achieve this, we will also have to access the page of our profile, as in the previous method, but in this case we will click on the “View activity record” button.

Once in it, we will click on the furthest year that appears in the index of the upper right part of the window. In my case, 2009. Once we situate ourselves on the activities registered that year, we will have to move downwards, something that may take a few minutes. We can do it using the mouse wheel or the keyboard scroll keys, by repeatedly pressing “End” . This method will be more agile.

Written by suNCh8

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