Complete guide to delete all your social network accounts and that there is no data left


Hillary Clinton published where she asked Donald Trump to delete her Twitter account. It was the response of the candidate to the presidency of the United States to a tweet of his rival, where he was mocking Obama’s support.

The fact is that if Trump wanted to, he could perfectly erase his Twitter account. As with many other social networks, they have this possibility (or even a previous step, the “deactivation” of the account, in case you do not decide at all) for those looking for some disconnection of photos, tweets, likes, Hashtags and other paraphernalia. If you also want to delete your social network accounts, here’s how to do it.

Complete guide to delete all your social network accounts and that there is no data leftHow to delete your Facebook account

Facebook is one of those services that allow you to deactivate your account as an option to permanently delete it. The difference between disabling and deleting an account is that with the first, the account is in a kind of “limbo”; Nobody will be able to access it, nor look for you in Facebook. It will really be as if you deleted your profile, but you will keep the possibility of retrieving it at any time.

On the other hand, if you delete the account definitively, you will lose that possibility. You will erase all your data permanently from Facebook, in a process that can be extended for several weeks but that is definitive.

To deactivate your Facebook account, open the menu in the upper right corner of your Facebook profile on the web, and go to “Settings”> “Security”. There, at the end of the options, you will see the deactivation option.

How to delete your Twitter account

Twitter, on the other hand, goes straight and clears the account, without prior deactivation or anything like that. To delete your profile, log in via web, click on the avatar icon in the upper right corner and choose “Settings”. In the “Account” section, scroll down to the end and click on the “Deactivate my account” link.

Mind you, do not think this is a simple deactivation. Twitter will keep your user data for 30 days in case you change your mind (in which case, you can recover your account simply by logging in). But once this grace period has passed, the account will be completely deleted.

How to delete your Google account

Deleting your Google account means that you no longer have access to services like Gmail, YouTube, or Google Play. But if you are really determined to do it, the process is quite simple, as in the previous cases.

Just go to the main page of your Google account and in the “Preferences of the account” section, click on “Delete your account or certain services”. Here you can choose to delete a particular service (for example, your Google+ profile or your Gmail email), or completely remove your Google account and all your data.

Before doing so, Google shows you a list of all the data you will lose with the deletion, and gives you the option to download them to your computer first. As a curious fact, once you delete your Gmail address, it is not released . That is, you will not be able to use it again or create a new Gmail account with the same name.

How to delete your Instagram account

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers the possibility of temporarily deactivating the account as an alternative to the definitive erasure, in case you are not yet sure of wanting to erase it or want to take a break from such a photo of food, kittens and feet on the beach. Both operations must be done from the web version of Instagram – not from the app.

To temporarily disable your Instagram account, log in to the browser and click the button to edit your profile. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to temporarily deactivate the account . As in the case of Facebook, your data (photos, comments and likes ) are not deleted, but are invisible to other users. To re-activate the account, simply log in again.

And if you want to delete the account completely, visit the Instagram account deletion page and select the reason why you want to do it in the drop down menu – the delete button will not appear unless you do it. Instagram will offer you some tips depending on the reason chosen, and below you will see a field to re-enter your password, next to the button to delete the account.

Once you do, all your data (photos, comments, likes, followers …) will be deleted and can not be recovered. Also, you will not be able to reuse the username of this deleted account.

How to delete your LinkedIn account

To remove your LinkedIn user profile, log in to the social network, click on your avatar icon in the upper right corner to open the options menu, and choose the “Privacy and settings” option. Here, in the “Subscriptions” section, you’ll see the option to close your account .

The process is two simple steps : in the first you explain the reason why you want to close your account, while in the second you are asked again the password to confirm the deletion. By doing so, you will lose your entire LinkedIn profile, including contacts, messages, validations you have made, and recommendations you have received.

How to delete your Snapchat account

Snapchat does not take as long as other social networks, but that does not mean that you are not so tired of it that you want to delete your account as well. The process is very simple and takes just 5 minutes but, as with Instagram, you have to do it from a web browser – not from the app .

To do this, log in to the Snapchat account deletion page, log in if you have not already done so and confirm your decision by re-entering your user password. Like Twitter, Snapchat will store your data for 30 days in case you change your mind (at which time you can regain access by logging in). But once this deadline expires, your account will be permanently deleted along with all your data.

For all others …

Do you have accounts on other social networks and online services that you would like to delete? In that case, check out Just Delete Me : here you will find a complete list of platforms and online services of all kinds, along with brief instructions on how to unsubscribe from each of them, and the link to the appropriate page where do what.

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