Why are the diesels always angry?


One feature of the Railway Stories by W R Audry is the fact that to an engine the diesel sa re a bunch of miserable, angry and conniving upstarts. The quest for every engine is to please the Fat Controller and be really useful. They seem to live to be told this and when they are we always get the same thing, “Thomas puffed with pride” Given the enormous infrastructure on Sodor it seems that there is more than enough work to go around.

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The main ring leader of the Diesel anger is Diesel 10. It used to be Diesel but when 10 turns up all bets are off. Diesel 10 has something that Grab Lorry Hire Cheltenham based company https://telstargrabhire.co.uk/grab-lorry-hire/grab-lorry-hire-cheltenham/ have plenty of experience with. Diesel 10 has a grab hand like the lorries that he calls pinchy. He threatens other engines mercilessly. This is a bold move as the Fat Controller would probably come down on him like a ton of bricks if he ever did use it for anything other than moving rubble and goods.

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The answer comes in the film Day of the Diesels. Percy has been slowly tricked into believing that Thomas is no longer his friend He starts to hang out with the Diesels in Vicarstown. It is far removed from the beauty of Tidmouth sheds. In fact it is a dump, the surrounding area looking like some kind of apocalyptic wasteland.  The Steamies go to Vicarstown looking for a rumble with the Diesels but once they see the state the Diesels are in they feel sorry for them. Then the Fat Controller turns up and tells them to go back to work.

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