Water dowsing


One of the most recognisable alternative skills is that of water dowsing. This is an ancient skill that we all have that allows us to discover water sources in the ground such as springs. The theory is that by using two metal rods, usually bent coat hangers, you can walk a field or wood and as soon as they come together you have found water. I think that perhaps an explanation is required.

We are mostly made up of water. In fact, 55% of bodies are it so we all have an innate sense for it. When dowsing we tap into that ancient sense and power. Just think about that. Our ancestors would have needed water and to establish a source very quickly if they were going to make a settlement work and river access was difficult or impossible.

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How it works is this. Holding out the metal rods in front of you, you first visualise water. That can be either a rushing stream or a waterfall, basically anytime that you have experienced water in its strongest fullest sense. So, even thinking of a shower or jumping into a swimming pool will work. As long as you have that fixed image of water in your mind the ancient power that we hold will do the rest.

Once you have that image fixed in your mind you can then start to slowly walk in a straight line. running or rushing will not work. You must be slow of breath and steady of focus keeping that image in your mind at all times.

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As you walk, if there is water below, you should start to feel a tingling sensation up through the legs, through the body and then out into your arms. Slowly the rods will begin to diverge indicating a source of water below you. As soon as they do you should stop and feel the flow of the energy through you. It’s also the best place to start digging down as you may have found a well for your village. It’s unlikely that you might have some coat hangers but the natural alternative is to use willow. You need to find a nice Y-shaped piece. There won’t be the divergence. You’ll still feel the power flow but instead the willow will slowly rise pulling your arms, involuntarily, upwards. Again, here is the place for you to start digging.

I’m sure you don’t believe me, but I can truly state that I have experience this. I was dowsing a Roman Villa site in Gloucestershire and felt everything described. After checking plans for the site it turns out I had felt the divergence over a connecting water pipe. I was receiving signals better than TV Aerials Swansea. If you need help with that https://www.onevisionltd.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation-swansea for more info.

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