The context is the new king of social action and a powerful search engine flag beyond SEO

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Again, the logical evolution of a medium like the Internet, again completely change many of the established paradigms. Social networks and search engines remain their main pillars, but to such changes, some roles are being phased out. Although many surprising that sole repeated that that ‘SEO is dead’, the truth is that there are reasons to think that obviously those who long dominated the ins and outs of the major search engines have stopped essential professionals to become victims of the most fundamental changes.

And maybe not even worth what we know to evolve or adapt. If this is so, and not talk about SEO, we speak of completely different things. Even in the future, we avail ourselves of that maxim worth obsolete that “while there are search engines, SEO exist”. And because?

The context is the new king of social action and a powerful search engine flag beyond SEOWe can not deny the importance that SEO has had in recent years.However, the advent of social networks began rising number of other professional profiles, where the first, SEO, went to become authentic protagonists almost secondary actors. Although his work remained as an almost imperative, the latest changes and developments in search engines like Google, they have made it clear and evident who will end up winning this battle.

That of playing “keywords” seems to end up going down in history, and now the strategy focuses not so much on positioning keywords, as if to find out what kind of doubts and needs with users and customers when they use search engines . Even as we have recently commented, the new search modes, including voice, become more complex mechanisms seekers themselves who will have to make greater efforts to understand colloquialisms, complex words and even our pronunciation.

However, beyond such innovations, the importance is to clear the mystery of how to become more relevant or acquire greater visibility in search results. Obviously, the metrics will be important for interpreting the progress of our work, but not to achieve the required forms. Therefore, if the SEO can not offer the solution, or it does not have the ability to participate in the process, their work can become unnecessary and irrelevant or reduced to the growing importance of the results of payment (SEM).

All this is a result of the new direction and new trends that search engines like Google try to apply and transmit to us telling us that it “does not matter so much what you say, because it will only be relevant if others are interested in what you say.” And will equal the keywords, optimizations and many other parameters that we consider essential in the world of SEO. Recent reports reveal this reality highlighting the relevance of the “+1” versus traditional links. This means that searches are becoming increasingly, a high social component and key indicators will pay gain greater notoriety, where popular, is what will stand out and where “context” will acquire greater prominence than the content itself.

Therefore, seen this way, just have to interpret and worry about whether what we say through our content, is actually reaching our target audience and if in turn is being shared because it is considered of interest and truly relevant. If it is, your search engine position will win integers. The context is the new king and social action, a new indicator that search engines take as a reference. Now, the SEO will only convince them that it is best to create good content, but we already know. For the rest, or that metric and interpret the obtained results, companies can now have new professional profiles, with a wider and better tools to achieve this vision.

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