Marketers no longer care only to demonstrate the ROI of your digital marketing strategies

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Among the New Year’s resolutions for marketers are two important objectives: to increase the conversion rate and improve brand awareness. As it reflected in the latest report from ExactTarget “2016 State of Marketing”.

The results indicate a minor obsession around the ROI, the central point that characterized 2013, while a great interest shown by really knowing the customer. 29% firmly believes in the Big Data as a way to unravel the mysteries of consumer behavior. Thus, they will pay more to the collection, measurement and analysis of this valuable information, in order to achieve the above objective priority: increase conversion (47%).

Marketers no longer care only to demonstrate the ROI of your digital marketing strategiesMarketers no longer focus their efforts on demonstrating that their investment in digital marketing is profitable, but they are sure of it. Probably because more and have more means to analyze the results of their actions, allowing them to save time and resources in this complex task.

Therefore, in this new year committed to diversify its strategy, and have chosen to develop actions on new channels, in order to reach the target audience through other routes. What they will experience new media channels and formats in 2016.

As for the distribution of the budget, first highlight that 98% of respondents planned to increase or maintain their budget this year.

2 out of 3 marketers considers crucial the fact foster engagement with the client from the first contact, where the e-mail marketing plays a vital role. 88% of respondents includes within its marketing strategy, and no less than 68% believe that is the basis of your business. A sector where 58% of respondents will increase their budget.

On the other hand, 61% is clear that needs to devote a greater share of resources to the area of analytical and data collection; an area contained within the marketing strategy of 81% of the companies surveyed.

78% of marketers practice Social Media Marketing, and 73% the SEO where more than half of the participants in the study plans to increase its investment.

Content marketing will also have a special place within the online marketing strategy of these companies. 57% allocate more resources to enhance their actions.

To reach these conclusions, ExactTarget conducted a survey during the last week of October, getting response of 1,959 marketing professionals.

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