5 tips to create a successful mobile strategy

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During the first half of the last century, science fiction writers imagined a world in which people would have access to all kinds of information, from anywhere, with only queries from a terminal near their location access.Today the reality is stranger than fiction. According to a study ATKerney 2017 it is estimated that 8 out of 10 people will have a smartphone.

This reality compels companies to think seriously incorporate a mobile strategy into their marketing plans, and while many have already begun to do, the question of how to do it and especially how welfare continues to reveal many marketers .

Indeed, a recent study by IBM emphasizes that the vast majority of marketing leaders recognized the importance of mobile, but only two-thirds feel that they really understand the experience they have users of these devices.

5 tips to create a successful mobile strategyLet’s do it

To help companies better understand the challenges of the mobile environment Google developed the Mobile Playbook. This handbook ,which compiles statistics, analysis and best practices –

It offers a series of tips that will be key when it comes to outline a strategy for mobile:

  1. Knowing how customers interact with the website : adapting the value proposition of products or services to people searches.

  2. Conduct studies of competition : not all companies solve problems the same way. Knowing how do others in the sector, it is a clue to focus on the most common problems.

  3. Evaluate implementation types : every business has its own characteristics, it is necessary to know which technology is best suited to support applications or mobile sites to be developed. Of course, it should work on most popular mobile platforms.

  4. Entertainment and usefulness : provide a unique, personalized and enjoyable experience is the key to get more conversions.

  5. Measure and analyze : by measuring the direct and indirect actions generated by customer interaction with mobile applications, and analysis of data obtained, it is possible to know the impact of the strategy. This allows you to plan changes and modifications to existing processes, in order to get closer and closer to what the customer needs.

If the structure of the company allows it, it is best to hire an expert in mobile. In addition, the company must be prepared to observe and assimilate changes in any of their areas, benefiting integration and the positive impact of the actions.

In its second edition, recently presented, add examples and unique perspectives on organizational approach, local marketing and strategies for showroom.

Local and Mobile, the road to success

According to the study Our Mobile Planet, 94% of smartphone users perform searches to identify shops and places near your location. Corcoran Group, a leading real estate brokers in New York, developed a mobile strategy aimed at expanding the known lists properties towards full local guide. Through mobile applications Corcoran, a person can know what time visits will be made available to the houses closest to your current position.In addition, potential buyers can check the location of the shops, schools and closest to the property they are interested in restaurants, which increases that property become an attractive option for the buyer.

In the recently released second edition of Mobile Playbook you will find more examples and unique perspectives of industry leaders on topics such as organizational approach, local marketing and strategies for showrooms.

Technology changes, leaps and bounds, the consumption habits of people.Consumers seeking unique and personalized experiences. They want something, they want it now, and as close to your location. Having a strategy that responds to the increasingly specific and demanding users of smart mobile customers needs is light at the end of the tunnel for any company. Lose sight of is to miss a train that will not return.

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