2016 PBA Tour: looking ahead

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After an exciting conclusion to the 2015 Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour, the 2016 tour looks set to be even more riveting.

The 2016 PBA Tour kicked off on Sunday 17th January with the DHC PBA Japan Invitational and the TV finals of the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman Doubles Championship.
2016 PBA Tour

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This year’s PBA Tour features a total of 11 tournaments and comprises three majors, two doubles events, five events presented by Xtra Frame, and the aforementioned Japan Invitational.

A tour to remember

Every year the PBA Tour garners an increased amount of attention, partly due to the burgeoning interest in the sport. An ever-growing number of people are showing an interest in bowling, with sales of bowling gloves, balls and equipment soaring in recent years. Bowling is quick to learn and accessible, combining patience, power and precision with physical activity.

The 2015 PBA Tour was won by Gary Faulkner Junior, who earned his place in the record books by becoming only the second black bowler to win a tour title on an international scale. 25-year-old Faulkner, who comes from Memphis, Tennessee, beat EJ Tackett from Huntington, Indiana in the final, which took place at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada. The score was 216-178.

Faulkner joined George Branham III as the only black bowlers in history to take a tour title. Only time will tell whether Faulkner can rise to the top in the 2016 Tour and achieve the same impressive results.

PBA Tour line-up

For any avid bowling fan, the PBA serves as a great incentive to head down to the lanes. If you need to kit yourself out properly, you can purchase bowling gloves through Petes Pro Shop and other suppliers. The pro bowlers all have the very best equipment and it is always interesting to see what sort of kit they prefer, as the right gloves, shoes and balls can make all the difference.

The 11 tournaments that make up the PBA Tour play out across the US and at the Tokyo Port Bowl in Japan. By incorporating the Japan Invitational, the PBA Tour has expanded its reach and attracted an even greater audience.

The 2016 PBA Tour is hotly anticipated as the best yet, with players and spectators hoping for another phenomenal year.

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