12 Tools for monitoring the brand that all Community Manager should know

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There are many formulas and tools we have to monitor the brand we represent. It is vital for any company or brand that wants to be in Social Media, to measure and monitor everything that is said on the network of us.

Knowing what is the impression that we cause to our customers or potential customers, what kind of conversations you include and what criteria we seek in the network. This is essential to improve ourselves, improve or change whatever the strategy is taking the brand.

12 Tools for monitoring the brand that all Community Manager should knowUnderstand that not all traffic is equal and there are many percentages take into account when comparing, is important.

For this purpose then we highlight some essential tools to monitor our brand and all Community Manager should know.

Backtype: A tool that allows us to measure the real impact of our brand. Twitter just acquire it .

HashTracking: This tool allows us to have a wide and quick view of the impact that has had a comment and so quickly find their “hashtag”. Also it belongs to the network of Twitter.

Kurrently: search engine to control what is said of our brand both Twitter and Facebook, both platforms are integrated.

SocialBro: A tool that knows everything. All absolutely all of Twitter. Best time to tweet, influence, feedback, generates statistics and reports, program your tweets … From the best I’ve found so far. Look for it and tell me.

TwUnfolow : This tool allows us know by mail, or folowers followers, who have stopped following us on Twitter.

Proxlet: A tool that will allow us to filter tweets from a hashtag. With this tool, we can make more bearable our TL, if you follow and have many followers.

Social Mention: Probably the best known tools for its simplicity. Just type the name of the brand and know everything that is said about it.

Topsy: A tool that lets us know the impact created our brand. Something more than just a search engine.

TweetAlarm:  Notify with a notice when someone sends a tweet about our brand.

TweetStats:  We will create a report on all our history on Twitter. User statistics.

Twitter Counter:  Possibly the most comprehensive tool that will allow us to analyze in depth the absolute reach of our brand on Twitter. Yet measured. Follows, RTs, … etc.

Tweeter alerts:  Tool to send us a mail every time someone mentioned us on Twitter.

They are not all they are, but if you control these tools, I assure you that your life will be much easier. They are very useful if you have to control several brands.

Some paid, some free … I always try everything and then decide but I think there are enough free tools to be able to do our work.

Written by suNCh8

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