Will these be 2021’s biggest food marketing trends?


The 2021 food scene promises to be different than any year that has come before, which means the way food companies market their services and products will also need to adapt. The global pandemic has changed how we eat, both at home and out, and it has forced many food companies to change how they operate. As a population, we are also thinking more about what we eat and where it comes from. Smarter deliveries, innovative technology, and 21st century marketing are some of the key food marketing trends you can expect to see in 2021.

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Social media influencers

If you haven’t heard about social media influencers yet then now’s the time to find out how they can help you. Younger demographics are far more receptive to the words that come from social media influencers than they are to adverts and even promotions such as emails.


Due to climate change, consumers are more and more concerned with where their food comes from. They want to know whether the meat is ethically sourced and if the vegetables are local. Any food marketing in the future will need to embrace and promote the concept of sustainability.

Food delivery services

Food delivery services have grown rapidly in recent months thanks to higher demand, greater choice, and an increase in food start-ups. In order to keep up with the trends for 2021, you’ll need to make sure your deliveries are up to speed. This means that deliveries should be fully trackable, orders can be customised, and customers have a choice of contactless online payments. Customisable ordering is vital given the increase in specialist diets such as veganism.

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Food PR services

All sorts of companies are realising that specialist services can get the job done better. This is especially true of restaurants, food manufacturers, and food delivery services, who are better off paying attention to their core business activity and leaving jobs like payroll, accountancy, and even marketing to outside contractors. Food PR companies such as https://www.leapfrogpr.com/food-pr/ are far more skilled and experienced at marketing and promotion than any chef or restaurant owner, so let them get the word out for you.

QR Codes

When QR codes first came along they didn’t really take off, but the pandemic has seen their use rise massively, both in restaurants and stores as well as via the track and trace system. Over the next year, QR codes are going to get more and more important in the food and drinks industry. QR codes allow customers to order directly from their phones, doing away with the need for menus and even interaction with staff.

From more customer-centric ordering and delivery systems, to contemporary marketing such as the use of social media influencers, the way food companies market their goods and menus is set for a serious overhaul. Which of these food marketing trends will spell success for your food business in 2021?

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