Why Solicitors use Private Investigators


Many people often speak about a private investigator and of needing their services – but did you know they are commonly used by solicitors. There are lots of reputable private investigators in the UK such as this private detective London based firm https://isg-investigations.co.uk/

For solicitors the use of a private investigator is very useful. Here are a few ways that they would use one…

Insurance investigations – When investigating insurance claims there may be reason to suspect that it could be fraudulent. In this case a private investigator will use their surveillance skills to discover whether there is reason to believe the claim is fraudulent.

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Gathering evidence for defence – A private investigator may play a large role in gathering evidence for defence cases for criminals.

Tracing people – Sometimes it is necessary to track someone down for some reason – this could be because they are believed to have some evidence or to serve them legal documents for example.

A private investigator has access to things like records about businesses, as well as private databases which is all used to be able to gather more information about something that they are investigating. They do not only use this, but they are also skilled at using a variety of combined methods in order to find out more information. Some other ways that they will find things out include surveillance, social media and GPS tracking.

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Using a combination of techniques, a private investigator will be able to gather more information to achieve the desired outcome.

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