What are the Dangers to Road Workers?


The reality is that while some people may feel that they are safe, there are many safety concerns that have been identified for those working on the roads. The hazards can be to both vehicles, workers and pedestrians alike. For example, it is now being considered that fatigue, speed and distraction may be a factor in road workers being hit by travelling cars.

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What are the dangers to road workers? Studies show that most accidents occur after the actual work day has begun. If you’re working in an area with high traffic flow and have to deal with fast traffic zooming past, then you are putting yourself in danger of a serious accident. Always make sure that you have your safety gear on and that you are alert from the beginning of your work shift as well as displaying the regulation fluorescent chevrons on vehicles and work equipment. For more information on Chapter 8, visit a site like PVL UK, a supplier of Chapter 8 chevrons.

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Highways England have begun a campaign to highlight the importance of driver awareness of roadworks and the associated hazards for those working on the roads. Many serious injuries and deaths occur due to driver distraction and simply driving too fast through areas of roadworks. They are urging drivers to consider that some workers might not be visible, especially at night. They are also highlighting the importance of responding to road signs and slowing down through areas that are subject to roadworks.

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