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Most job roles require some elements of training, whether this is general training to be able to understand your job role and responsibilities or specialist training that is required to fulfil your job tasks. There are a number of training requirements that might be needed if you are a larger company that has to look after the health and wellbeing of a number of staff members. These can include:

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Risk assessment training – once your business gets to a certain size and employees reach a set number of people it becomes a legal requirement for you to carry out risk assessments. These can be carried out by anyone who has the knowledge to be able to do so. There are a number of online courses that can help you to understand how to successfully complete a risk assessment.

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First aid – again once your business starts to employ a large number of people you will want to think about sending some of your staff on first aid courses. This helps you to ensure that you are providing your employees with any care that they might need if they were to have an injury or fall ill whilst at work. A First aid at work Tewkesbury company such as Tidal Training Direct can help you out with your first aid training needs.

Fire Marshal – this is another dedicated responsibility that can be given to a specific member of staff. They should also have training on their role as a fire marshal or warden.

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