Reasons Your Credit Score Matters


There are many reasons why you should monitor your credit score. In fact, your credit score is used to make many financial decisions. Credit card companies check your score, insurance companies check your credit, landlords and mortgage bankers will all check your score. Even auto dealers and some employers may check your credit score. Here are the biggest reasons that your score matters. Learn what they are and how they impact you. Knowing what factors affect your credit score is essential in improving it.

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One of the most important factors determining your credit score is your mix of accounts. Having several types of credit shows a lender that you can manage multiple accounts. Your credit mix also shows how responsible you are with debt. The more diverse your accounts are, the better. Lenders want to know that you can manage multiple accounts and pay them off on time. Keeping a few credit cards and paying them off in full each month will help your overall credit score. The number of times you apply for credit can also impact your score. When you apply for credit, you will likely go through an AML IDENTITY VERIFICATION like the system supplied by

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Payment history is another important factor. Your payment history shows lenders and creditors whether you’re a responsible credit user or not. Late payments have a negative impact on your score, and they hurt your credit. A late payment can be up to 30 days late. In most cases, a late payment hurts your credit score. A credit score is influenced by your payment history and the amount of available credit that you have.


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