Prepare Your Cleaning Staff with the Right Equipment


The Coronavirus has brought to light how businesses and their operations are dependent on the janitorial team. Your janitorial team needs to be more equipped than ever before in order to combat these problems.

How can you equip your cleaning department to the fullest? What tools, products and equipment are they in need of?

The Checklist

The janitorial supply market is divided into three main categories: Tools, Garments, and Solutions. The exact contents of these supplies will vary depending on the cleaning requirements, but they are largely the same.

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  1. Cleaning Tools

The essential tools are the basic items that every janitorial team should have in their arsenal. Cleaning methods will determine the size of the cart, type of brush, and size of sponge, for example.

To get the best results, use a combination of wet and dry mops. Your janitorial team’s toolbox should include microfibre products. These products are highly effective and dry quickly. They are also easy to maintain and last longer due to their durability. For information on a Janitorial Equipment Supplier, go to

Some other essential items for cleaning staff include:

You may have specific cleaning requirements for your industry or business. It’s important to know what will make the janitor’s job easier when you decide what is needed. Don’t guess at what they will need. The janitorial team is the best source of information about what they need. Talk to them about how you can help. This will not only improve cleaning efficiency over time, but also demonstrate the management’s interest in their performance and well-being.

  1. Protective Garments

Rubber or disposable gloves will be needed in almost every cleaning situation. In sterile conditions, masks and shoe covers may also be needed.

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Protective Janitorial uniforms

Uniforms for janitorial staff offer a higher level of protection to the wearer. A lightweight, water-resistant coverall is the ideal uniform for janitorial workers. Janitorial uniforms are designed for functionality. They have pockets, flaps to make them easy to remove, and they’re made of breathable materials. You should also consider flexibility, since you do not want to limit the movements of the wearer.

Additional Uniform options include

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Shoe Covers
  • Overalls
  1. Janitorial Products

Your arsenal of janitorial supplies should include these short-term essentials. You’ll need a variety of multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants (including bleach-based products) and soaps.

Also, you need cleaners that are specific for your facility, such as furniture polish, window polish, etc. You should also have replacement paper towels, soaps and deodorisers in your janitorial caddy.

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