How to start a same-day courier business


Same-day couriers come with more pressure than regular delivery services, but the right plan can help ensure that your company is a success. Here’s a guide to help you launch your same-day courier business.

Create a Business Plan

Your business plan will help you obtain the investment needed to start your business. Check that your plan covers:
The business owner’s background
How your company differs from competitors
Courier demand in your chosen area
Potential clientele
Strengths and weaknesses
Possible threats
Initial costs

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Choose Your Vehicles

Think about what vehicles you want your service to use. Same-day couriers, such as the service seen at, use a range of vehicles to deliver parcels. Vans are the most common choice, but other options to consider include bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, and even drones.

Consider Operation Costs

You will need to buy any tools and services needed to run your business, and then accommodate these costs in your budget.

For instance, a same day courier Liverpool should ensure their couriers all have a valid driving licence, an operator licence for the Traffic Areas they cover, and insurance coverage. Other potential costs include uniforms, heavy lifting tools, waterproof messenger bags, salaries, and vehicle tracking software.


Mordor Intelligence says that over half of the British population believes that same-day delivery is a vital service. You should market to customers like these, as they are more likely to use your business.

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Create loyal customers by partnering with small local businesses and sending out promotions. You’ll also need to build your digital presence through a website, social media, and focused advertising.

Running a same-day courier business needs tactical planning to be successful. The guide above can help your delivery service start on the right track.

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