How is Silicone Different to Plastic?


One of the biggest questions that people have about silicone is how it is different to plastic. Silicone has a number of differences that make plastic break down in quality and quantity over time. Here are some of the major differences:

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The biggest difference that silicone makes is that it is far more pliable than plastic. Plastic will begin to conform to whatever it is placed on but plastic begins to lose its elasticity, while silicone stays the same. This means that silicone can be formed into any form without any real compromise in quality. This is not true with plastic, which often has to be melted and moulded in order to get the right shape. For more information on Silicone Moulding UK, visit

Silicone is far more durable than plastic and much friendlier to the world’s oceans! It also lasts longer and is far more resistant to extremes of heat and cold than plastics.

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Another thing is that silicone is completely recyclable so it is an environmentally friendly material as well. Silicone can be recycled back to its original state, meaning that you are avoiding more plastic waste as well as minimizing the amount of natural resources that go into producing the product. This is a major benefit for anyone who is concerned about the environment or wants to help make sure that their business has as little impact on the environment as possible.

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