Finding the right tradesperson


Are you planning to hire a tradesperson to work in or around your home?

Whether the work is big or small, there are recommended steps. For your protection, following this advice can save you time, money, and a lot of pressure.

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When using a business, you must:

Be specific and specify clear, detailed plans of the work involved, getting quotes from at least three businesses.

Ask friends and family for recommendations and check the TrustMark Online Directory to ensure the business is registered for the specific service you need.

Look for references, read reviews, talk to previous customers, and visit earlier jobs if you can.

Don’t just choose the cheapest. Consider how you will communicate with business representatives and the quality of their work.

Be sure to pay for work that has been done. However, if the material needs to be purchased by the business before work starts, it makes sense that the customer is invoiced for a certain percentage of these costs while work is underway.

Always use a written contract because it offers protection if there are errors and disputes arise.

Agree in writing any changes to the contract value agreed upon before the work is completed.

It is better to hire individual builders or pay a little more for specific traders, for example, plumbers, electricians, or carpenters, than “no job is too small” – jack-of-all-trade businesses. For Boiler Servicing Cheltenham, contact Blu Fish, suppliers of reliable Boiler Servicing Cheltenham.

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Don’t hire people who call cold at your door. Reliable and good traders are always busy and don’t have to knock on doors to get a job.

Always get references from previous customers. Try talking to people who have done work similar to what you have planned.

Explain fully the work you want and whatever specifications you need. It is sensible to have a written plan to ensure all contractors value the same information. Save written notes of conversations as well.

Get a definite start date and an estimated end date that is informed. If a project finishes late, it can delay the start of any following work you have planned. Good traders are usually busy and order a few weeks in advance, so be prepared to wait for the best.

Is their work protected by a warranty or an independent guarantee?

Does the builder or individual have a website? Do some online company research, and visit their website and forum.

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