Employment Solicitors Can Advise You on Your Employment Contract


Employment Solicitors deal with perhaps the gravest legal issues, in terms of wrongful dismissal, discrimination in the workplace and so on. If you are to approach such an attorney, you no doubt have a major problem at work, dealing with an illegal act. It could have reached the stage where you have to take it further to an employment court. Such cases are very sensitive and should be dealt with delicately.  A good firm  of Employment Solicitors can be found at Employment Law Friend.

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One of the very best ways of finding employment solicitors that are right for your needs is by asking for an initial consultation about this matter. When you make an appointment to speak to any prospective employment solicitor, try and make sure you get a detailed explanation of the fees charged, as well as their mode of operation. Some employment solicitors operate on a no win no fee basis, where if they are successful in helping you, they receive a percentage of any money awarded.

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There are also some employment solicitors who work exclusively on a contingency basis, which means that they advise you, but you have to pay them nothing before they advise you and nothing if they are unsuccessful. In such cases, the actual lawyer is called upon to advise you, after which you have the burden of proof that you were not negligent in some way. This is an extremely attractive option for people who need urgent advice, but have limited funds. Many employers are prepared to accept contingency fees because they represent an opportunity to cut the expense of litigating a case, making the whole process more manageable.

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