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Choosing which Restaurant to take a good friend to for their special Birthday can be a bit of a minefield!  What type of food do they particularly enjoy eating, Italian, French, Greek, Chinese, British or more of a Tapas Style Buffet?  Once you’ve narrowed down the style of food you think they would enjoy most, which particular Restaurant do you choose?  Look through their reviews and pick one that has a consistent 4.5 or higher rating.  To ensure the whole experience has an efficient and customer focused, serving system make sure you pick one with a Restaurant Pager System, operated by a reputable, professional company such as http://www.dinggly.com/sectors-and-applications/kitchen-and-restaurant-pager-system.

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This is an innovative, futuristic System that benefits the customers and the staff. When the customer is ready to order they press the Pager that’s placed on their table.  This signal is sent through to any serving staff via a Tablet or Mobile Phone and they know to respond quickly to the table.  The award-winning Chef can also use one of the Pagers placed strategically in the kitchen to indicate to the Serving Staff, as soon as his freshly prepared food is ready to take to the tables.

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This is a Restaurant with the complete package, a great Chef serving tasty, freshly prepared food, efficient Serving Staff using the clever Restaurant Pager System and no waiting around while other tables are served ahead of you, the perfect choice for a very special occasion.

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