Companies must do more to properly manage data


The potential of big data is clear, and no one doubts the benefits of having accurate information about who the customers are, what they want or the most effective among them promotional campaigns. That is why all companies have launched to collect as much information as possible and store all data interactions, shopping or psycho graphic profiles of customers.

However, collecting data and more data is useless if then not know what to do with them, something they have already revealed numerous studies. The latter has been one of Royal Mail Data Services, which echoes Marketing Tech, which again shows that companies are wasting many marketing efforts (and not only) for not knowing how to manage, or understand, the customer data.

Companies must do more to properly manage dataThe survey shows, in fact, that many companies work with data that is not even correct, and so, 70% admit to rely on outdated or incomplete data is generating very effective marketing actions.

It is also surprising that in an era in which, as noted earlier, all businesses collect lots of data, many fail to validate them, and so, half of the respondents did not bother to validate the emails when they were collected , either through the web or offline.

Clearly this sabotages the effectiveness of big data, since a truly personalized experience that generates consumer loyalty, can only be carried out through customer data quality. According to the report, this is the reason why many marketers are wasting resources and budget marketing activities. In the words of director of Royal Mail Data Services: “There is no point having creativity, segmentation data, analytics and personalized marketing if the database being used is not of good quality and as clean as possible All these extras. they can not make a difference when the information which it is part is incorrect.

Data on vital changes through each consumer are key

In addition, the report emphasizes that companies could do more to collect and use relevant data about their consumers, to help them better target their campaigns when addressing them, and put as an example the data on major events vital people can be like moving or having a son, essential to provide more accurate campaigns in absolutely all sectors. As the report explains: “data on vital moments offer a unique opportunity to send messages and offers right at the time when they will be more welcomed by the consumer.”

However, although 70% of respondents recognized that these vital events could give manufacturers a reason to contact customers, only half they considered these vital changes as sales opportunities, and only 44% this type of data collected from its consumers.

More numerous (around 50%) are companies that already use third-party data of this type (on vital events), and the ideal is to combine these with internal data about customers so that marketers can deliver relevant communications, customized and arriving at the very moment in which they will be more effective.

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