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Robert De Niro is one of the world’s most well-known actors, and he has appeared in numerous films and television shows. He plays the lead character in the film ‘Midnight Run’ which follows the escapades of a bounty hunter who is enlisted to find an accountant who has embezzled $15 million of a Chicago mob boss’s money. They should have looked for a more reputable Accountants Bath way to help avoid this situation from occurring.

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The entire film focuses on the bounty hunter Jack Walsh searching for the whereabouts of the accountant, Jonathan Mardukas. Walsh is approached by the FBI, who is looking to arrest the Chicago mob boss who has paid Walsh to find Mardukas. He refuses to do this and instead steals the officer ID badge and pretends to be a member of the FBI himself when he carries on with his search for Mardukas.

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Once Mardukas is found, Walsh calls the mob boss without realising that the phone has been tapped by the FBI and that he is being double-crossed by his assistant. The mob boss then enlists the services of a rival bounty hunter to find both Mardukas and Walsh when they fail to appear after their train journey.

The action and the comedy continue throughout the film, with two chases underway. The original one between Mardukas and Walsh and the new chase with the newly appointed bounty hunter. You are left wondering right until the end of the film how this one is going to pan out.

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