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One of the main benefits of Amazon, at least from the point of view of consumers, is their customer service. The company has succeeded in making the resolution of incidents of its customers, a negative input element in one of the issues that have built the most positive part of their brand image. And it has become the example that all companies want to continue to win – they also – to consumers.

But what has made Amazon has become the paradigm of good customer service? The company has its critics, of course, especially with the working conditions of its workers. But critics are not as plentiful, and the first thing the consumer is looking for Amazon, and even existing are, in the eyes of consumers, offset by other features of the company. The stories generated by the own customer service become (positive) news about the company.

The latter has been a client that was released to play with customer service when he discovered that his agent called Thor … and with whom the agent is released to play in a completely memorable dialogue. He first came to Reddit, then the average American, there he jumped to social networks and became material for analysis and further comments on the very positive consumer experiences Amazon. Also with an interesting comment thread on menace.

The secrets to success of customer service AmazonAmazon is, in fact, a regular on lists of customer satisfaction. It is the first of Customer Service Hall of Fame of 24/7 Wall St. (One of those media whose lists always end in others), achieving a very low rate of dissatisfied customers. Also is the first in the UK.

Buy it at Amazon is a very easy and simple process: just a click and the product is in the shopping cart. One more click and confirm the delivery order. A couple of days and come to our house. Any problem is quickly resolved by customer care agents and defective products or do not reach the consumer are quickly repaid and replaced. Everyone has a positive history with Amazon (mine: how quickly solved when my Kindle books began receiving someone else bought) and everyone loves to share. It is something that happens with few companies, although they get it they have to fight very hard (and never lower our guard) to keep.

“Internally, the shopping experience is a component of the consumer experience,” explained Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. “The shopping experience includes having the lowest price, have the fastest delivery, be reliable enough to not have to contact anyone. So economizes service customer for really unusual things. You know, I bought a book and missing 47 of 58 pages.”

A CEO concerned

Part of the success of customer service is directly in Amazon Bezos. Jeff Bezos is obsessed with quality customer service and has an open consumers that anyone can send their complaints and concerns mail. And he read it, really, and forwarded the complaint to the person concerned to solve (in a mail including only one question: perhaps from the point of the worker is not so pleasant situation). Employees respond to these emails as if before a bomb about to explode and get down to work to give a solution.

His concern for the happiness of its customers reaches extremes that few companies manage to achieve. So much so that it has even given up send automated mails incentive to purchase (which commands the system to consumers when they see they have spent much time in a section or have recently browsed it, suggesting acquisitions) because the subject ( lubricants and other related elements sexual practices) made his receivers would feel uncomfortable.

Stringent quality control

The company claims to be very demanding with their quality controls both its products and those who sell others through them. Their stores are highly technical spaces where products are found very quickly and are shipped with packaging specifically designed (it is one of those packaging that have made the different brand) for shipments work and products reach so quick.

When one of the products of a purchase soon out of stock, others are sent before, because although more packages and shipments, the company ‘sraw speed. Although, for products to stop never be available, the company has a program, dubbed Milk Run, which eliminates the wait before the response times of suppliers. Instead of waiting for them to bring something, Amazon goes for it.

In the case of third party shipments, Amazon cannot control how and when they do it directly, but used as a benchmark the views of customers to determine if they are doing well or not. The partners have to maintain certain quality bases.

And he never loses sight of its rivals

Resolve incidents is not enough to be the best also have to be the last of what they are doing your rivals. At least that’s what should think Amazon, which has a team working more or less secret (the division Competitive Intelligence , espionage competition) buying your competitors to know what they are doing. His spies take into account the quality and speed of service offered by others and especially if they are doing better than the Amazon itself.

Use innovation to improve customer service

Amazon is one of the companies that usually appears on the list of innovative companies. But it is not only for innovative new products to market, so is the way in applying new technologies to improve customer service. The firm makes use of big data and tools to meet customer and anticipate their needs. So, no need for example to repeat the cumbersome details that are always on the agenda ( tell me a name to address you, can you repeat the incidence , etc.) and services customer often force to their consumers .

The consumer is king

But the final conclusion must be that Amazon puts the consumer at the heart of its strategy and makes your interests are those of the company. The firm tries to understand them, make them feel loved and unique and give them what they need. They apologize when they do wrong, but try that never come to pass, and want to know if consumers are happy with them. At the end of the day, a happy consumer will make your friends who buy in a store or another.

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