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If you work in a warehouse, then you need to ensure that you are aware of the risks that are there in this environment. Here we discuss the three main risks – namely, manual handling, moving vehicles in and around the warehouse and the risks posed by moving or falling objects.


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Whether you are an employee or an employer, everyone should be aware of the health and safety risks associated with warehouse working. The HSE has published detailed guidance about warehouse health and safety, and this should be a first port of call for anyone who wants to find out more.

Manual Handling

According to Safety and Health Practitioner online, in 2013 the number of working days lost due to unsafe manual handling far outnumbered those lost for any other sort of incident. Before any manual handling task is undertaken, a detailed risk assessment should be carried out. Ideally, the manual handling should be avoided by using a mechanical alternative, but if this is not possible, then employees should be fully trained in techniques for safe manual handling.

Vehicles and the Warehouse

It is important for employees and visitors to be aware of moving vehicles in warehouses as well as the health and safety risks for people who are the drivers of a vehicle. If pedestrians and drivers have to share the same traffic route, they should be clearly separated, and the risks posed by vehicles reversing should be minimised as much as possible. The loading and unloading of vehicles should be done in a safe manner, as should the coupling and uncoupling of trailers.

Falling or Moving Objects

Wherever possible, the risks posed by falling objects should be minimised, and moving equipment such as forklift trucks should be used in a safe manner. Storage systems such as pallets should be in a good condition and need to be loaded correctly, while pallet racking systems should be installed correctly and assessed for their suitability. If you are looking for pallet racking in Ireland, then you can visit Such racking should be inspected at regular intervals.

We have attempted to explain why having good health and safety procedures in warehouse operations is so important. If these are in place, then warehouses should be safe and healthy places to work in.

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