Travelers are increasingly seeking local information via mobile

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The last two years has increased significantly the number of travelers who use tablets and smartphones to access information from the sites they visit or through which they pass. This is evidenced by the new market research data developed by MMGY Global marketing agency, and Harrison Group.

Served on Americans with annual revenues of at least $ 50,000 that made trips for leisure to places at least 120 kilometers from their homes during 2012, the study shows that 62% of these travelers users used their smartphones and 43% their tablets.

Travelers are increasingly seeking local information via mobileThere is no better use of these mobile devices while traveling, the search for information about the places they want or intend to visit and activities that can get to make. According to the study of Google and Nielsen in the last quarter of 2012, mobile users conducted an average of 2.2 activities after searching on their mobile devices, among which, apart from the tourist attractions, shops and highlights related business car rental.

Relatedly, a recent comScore report showed that almost two-thirds of local business searches related hotel and travel, and made over the past year, were unspecific, suggesting that people seeking information on travel locally they are looking for recommendations and suggestions, rather than specific information about something they are planning to do.

For companies and businesses it is essential to have your available and accessible through these devices information, because mobile searches are becoming more important. However, travel applications also take center stage. Another report developed by Compete revealed that travelers tend to consult trusted applications when it comes to making decisions to choose the destination of their trips. According to a survey conducted last February, 43% of mobile users had travel applications.

Mobile devices become ubiquitous among travelers. For businesses, especially for hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, this new scenario represents a new opportunity to connect with tourists and travelers through their mobile devices.

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