More and more consumers buy products referred from social networks

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Social shopping win whole. 5% of users in the United States claims to have purchased a product from publications or promotions found on social networks.

A practice that could be extended to 20% more consumers, as reflected in the report prepared by Harris Poll for DigitasLBi.

Although a 5% may a priori seem like a small amount, representing a turnover of approximately 14 billion dollars. If companies were able to bring the conversion to 20% who were undecided to follow the proposed sale of social networks, we are talking about even greater words, no less than 56 billion dollars.

More and more consumers buy products referred from social networksTo achieve this goal, companies need to improve the shopping experience, in order to generate engagement and, above all, convey confidence. Social networks are not a sales channel, but a means to promote customer approach, and approach it in a more personal tone. You need to leverage these advantages to get your preferential treatment, keeping heavy artillery, and using more subtle and convincing strategies.

The study shows that potential social shopping is particularly noticeable among younger customers. On average, buyers of up to 44 years twice as likely to buy from what they see on social networks showed that those over 45 (33% vs 28%). A predisposition that is particularly evident among consumers 18 to 34 years, who proved to be up to 3 times more likely to make such purchases over 35 (11% vs 3%).

When analyzing their purchasing behavior and preferences, we find certain reticence in safety. For example, 42% of them need to confirm that the purchase will do is done in a secure environment. Another 38% prefer to ensure that your purchase will not be shared on the social platform from which it comes.

This is only an approximation to what will be the social shopping in the very near future. A 26% of respondents would like to buy with a single click, without the need to leave their social network. A desire that Twitter just made reality.

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