Why infographics sometimes do not work as expected?

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The computer graphics are one of the pieces of content that more flowing through the network. Their ability to condense high-quality information in a visual format have made them a highly viralizable element, with great demand from users.

Although they seem a novelty, infographics are not an invention of this century, they are not even related to internet or new technology. Already in 1975, Princeton Professor Edward Tufte used them as a way to clearly show their classes. His creations are considered the first computer graphics as we know them.

Why infographics sometimes do not work as expectedToday we can see in internet infographics million. The term “infographic” and provides 47.5 million results. If you want the items in your blog to succeed, simply resumes its most important sections in an infographic. To position yourself as a leader in your industry, dare to create infographics with a good collection of the most relevant data regarding a current issue.Of course, as in any type of content, it must be quality:

Choose a topic of interest. Thus you will increase the possibility for users to get to it, and other related media industry want to integrate it into your site, and even share it with your community.

Pay special attention to the title. As in the posts, the title depends on 80% of the probability that an article is read. Therefore, take your time, and creates a truly eye – catching headline.

Use only quality data sources. Credibility is a must for your infographic is taken into account factor. Looking studies reference sources and contrast the information provided. If you also add data or conclusions of your harvest, will you bring added value and originality to the final result.

Displays information in a clear and easy to assimilate. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, this is one of the advantages with playing computer graphics. Therefore uses graphics, visually separates the different sections, for example with colors and uses a lightweight and perfectly legible typography, sans serif font.

Look after your design. The end result should be professional. From the color scheme, to the choice of graphics or typography. Everything must form a pleasing to the eye, that is attractive and easy to read harmonious whole.

Share it in the proper channels. Your work of art deserves to be disseminated to the public. Therefore, share it on all social networks, using appropriate hashtags to achieve greater reach.

Besides these tips, it is important not to forget to create and have a code so that other media can easily insert them in content. It is an indispensable complement, which facilitates the task much easier, and also helps to achieve inbound links such as visits to your website Can you ask for more?

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