What are the new professionals indispensable to the survival of brands?

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New technologies and societal challenges in internet time many things are changing. They change how we communicate, how we consume, how things relate even citizens … and of course change the job picture. The professions of the Internet age are very different from the pre-internet times and brands have to adjust to these new requirements to meet the expectations of consumers and not be at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.

Future workers are already aware of the potential that new technologies have as creating new professional profiles. A study by Accenture among young people 12 to 17 years demonstrates that students think so: 75% believe that new technologies will give them some job opportunities that would otherwise not have had. Half of them believe they will be the new technologies that will make their work appear dreamed and 67% are convinced that the future will have to fight for jobs newly created, such as the case of data scientist.

But, although they are aware of the new opportunities they will have once they enter working life, students feel that the preparation they are receiving is not adequate for the job they expect to have to play in the future. Studies are therefore more oriented to a field game previous work, but the fact is that many companies continue to guide their search for professional profiles and key needs were those with five, ten and fifteen years ago.

The professions of the future companies will have to cover will be quite different from those that have already become traditional. Brands are facing new challenges and as such will have to be done with professionals who can understand the needs imposed by the novelty. What are some of the workers who will be key to the survival of a brand in the near future?

Product Naming - Brand Name ConceptData scientist

The market is increasingly marked by big data, technology that lets you take large amounts of data on the behavior of virtually anything and then allow to draw conclusions about what is happening and the party that you can get it . But the brands it will not easy: it is not just about done with big data solutions, we must also have the right professionals to make the most of.

And the most of it will release a scientist data. Data scientists, are professionals halfway between technological or more scientific side and the creative side. They must have a very good IT training because they need to know how it works the big data and how to mextract what they want. But they also have to be creative and innovative professionals, since they will be doing the questions and decide to take the big data. They are separating the wheat from the chaff so that those responsible for other departments to draw conclusions on what is happening and make business decisions.

Your profile is so new and qualities that are asked so many companies are beginning to assume that, if they start not sign their data scientist, will encounter big problems.


The word analyst seems as old as the world and the profession spent the last decades of business universe. Analysts, one might say, there are kicked.And yet here they are, in a list of the new jobs that companies need to make their brands survive in the twenty-first century. The big data is to blame.

Once the data scientist have made the work of clearing the bush and show the path to be taken, someone will have to sit down and analyze what can be done with that data.


If you think about futurism, immediately come to mind avant-garde movements, the Italian poets and literature lessons that were received in secondary education. But the Futurists no longer have much to do with Marinetti (or have to do with Marinetti are in a slightly different form). In 2013, there were more than 4,000 people who defined themselves as futuristic LinkedIn, according to an analysis of BusinessWeek. Many of them worked in companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft and Accenture. Fox, the producer, also has one resident.

What exactly is a futurist? Futurists today is no longer responsible for dynamic paint pictures to capture a moving bicycle or writing poetry extolling the machines. Now, rather, they are a sort of oracles. Perhaps, to know what is asked of a futuristic, it is best to resort to the description of a job offer brand chocolate Hershey, who was hunting one not long ago. The official name was “senior manager in activating forecasts” and had to be able to convert “existing provisions” as could be trends or predictions into business opportunities.

Futurists today have more than extol the things of the future that mark the way to turn that future into business opportunities.


A few years ago, any student who decided to put Selectivity first choice study mathematics would face everyone thought that I wanted to be a professor of mathematics at a high school. It was already a simplistic view of reality, but even more so today. Mathematicians have become one of the professional companies want. New technology firms want them, those who are working with big data also want and, indeed, any brand looking to put a mathematician in your life.

Until the marketing world needs more mathematical than ever. Math marketing is the new trend and in a segment in which everything is increasingly dominated by algorithms, have an expert in numbers that will be a wise decision. The creative part will not die, but the most structured part of mathematics will get to gain weight. Those who were, as one expert explained, the “rogue agency” is going to become the new gold market professionals before.

Experts in mobile marketing

Mobile devices will be a new attraction for consumers and professionals thus able to make the most of this support will become the most desired. A study of Robert Walters on overall remuneration included these professionals among the most demanded in the immediate future, together with experts in developing digital business, big data and cloud computing.

Given recent studies on how mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the lives of consumers and increasing efforts that Internet companies are doing to position itself as suitable carriers for mobile advertising, experts in mobile marketing have yet long way to go. They are still starting to become fashionable: in a few years will be an inevitable part of the organization.


Researchers should not think of mysterious private detectives with many vices, raincoats and a cigarette in his mouth always. Not so literary. In the near future, survey researchers will be most common and important. This is not the pollsters that make a few questions, so perhaps you could leave statistics. Brands and governments will give increasing importance to the views of citizens and make survey them and analyze what they think is increasingly common.

According to a forecast from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals by 2018 will grow 30% in number of workers in the labor market.

Chief Listening Officer

The Chief Listening Officer is a position that appeared recently (often appears on lists of jobs that did not exist 10 years and similar ago) and that could be translated by a tendency for companies to listen more and more consumers (and need staff take care of it and get the most out). They are not responsible for social networks, are even community managers: they are something else.

These professionals are responsible simply be attentive to what consumers say, to feel its throb, and so are those who know what they care about, what they love or what angers them.

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