The mobile revolution is a great opportunity for companies and brands

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Mobile devices are more than a second screen, exert a link between the user and the brand as a means to amplify the message delivered through television.

Smart screens pose a more direct and personal channel to reach the target audience, giving them the opportunity to interact with the content, sharing, and to obtain more information. An activity which, in combination with television, screen par excellence, can provide an integrated experience as riddance had been possible.

The mobile revolution is a great opportunity for companies and brandsThis forces manufacturers to go beyond the advertising impact, to bet on the usefulness and relevance, along with customization, instead of massive and anonymous shipping. Mobile devices provide highly relevant to the design of a strategy to reach the target audience information. Thanks to them, brands are able to know important data such as location, age, gender or their online behavior, essential to bringing you an exclusive message that responds to specific interests, just at the moment you need them. The Mobile Marketing Association reported earlier this week that relevant advertising and location-based get a high involvement.Therefore, the brands that are really taking advantage of this potential are the ones who will positively impact their customers, providing a positive experience.

On the other hand, mobile devices also complement the speech that starts through television. Users use them to get more information about what they are seeing, to discuss and share in their social profiles and, ultimately, to maintain its engagement with television content that interests them.According to Horowitz Associates, 26% of young people between 15 and 17 comments on social networks about what you are watching on television, along with 17% of the public between 18 and 34 years.

This is a great opportunity for brands also make extensive his message to handheld screens, who can avail themselves of Real Time Bidding to adjust the message to the maximum, using the new picture presented by technological advances. The online users demand more oriented advertising preferences, but always respecting the privacy of your data (DAA), 40.5% of users preferred targeted advertising on the ads that are displayed randomly (Zogby Analytics).

Brands that are able to understand this new form of advertising, designing mobile strategies based on information obtained in real time and deliver based on the location of the message recipient, will be much more likely to succeed and get highlighted. Take, for example, a retailer that displays an ad to customers in your store, a message really relevant, appropriate to the interests of that client. Surely you’ll get better performance and can positively influence the final purchase decision. Here the main advantage of mobile advertising, its flexibility and great possibilities to enhance the customer experience and reach it with a relevant message.

Definitely, marketers are betting on mobile advertising as a way to reach your target audience. The study by Nielsen in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers indicates that virtually all advertisers, media and agencies consider smartphones (98%) and tablets (99%) will be fairly or very important screens in 2016. In contrast, estimates desbancan to television as the preferred medium, only 75% committed to them. From here to an integrated experience is a step, it is expected that about half of the campaigns are multi in 2016.

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