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Project management can be an art form to learn but when it is working effectively you have the recipe for a highly efficient workflow. The essence of project management is that you take each large scale project that you have and work through some key steps.

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Planning – this is where you set your overriding project goal and set a deadline date for when this needs to be achieved. Once you have the final deadline in place you can look at breakdown your project into smaller tasks that you can then delegate throughout your team as appropriate. It is important to make these goals SMART ones so that you can track and monitor them.

Delegation – the key to effective project management is to delegate work out to members of your team that can complete each task effectively. You should share with them how their tasks fit into the bigger picture and how the timescales impact on one another.

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Monitoring – make sure that you monitor how the tasks are going and adjust your timescales if necessary, but always try to stick with your final deadline unless the entire project needs to move due to finances or issues that arise that knock it off course.

Celebrating – make sure you celebrate when each task within the project has been completed. Take a look at some Team Gifts from places like Miller & Co and give the team a little reward.

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