Online billing program to increase your productivity

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The reduction in management time, shipping costs and agility in the process are some of the advantages that an online billing program as Billomat can bring to your business to improve your organization and productivity in the market.

A billing program proper will allow you to simplify diverse operations. The mere fact of knowing the number of unpaid bills are overdue or envision the day when you have to pay your customers are some of the many tasks that can realize with these programs.

The realization of bills to our customers is not the only task to be undertaken by an entrepreneur in his daily routine, since it also must develop other activities such as checking that payments are made on time, file taxes, and create budgets for determined client or control suppliers. All these actions will cover much of our time, a space that could be used for other matters for growth and development of our company.

Online billing program to increase your productivityOnline billing program to save time

Precisely to be more efficient, save time and manage more quickly and appropriately all these tasks in our technology blog we want to echo Billomat, invoicing tool that can become an ally for your business to consider.

Among other things, Billomat you can create budgets, send corresponding customer and, once accepted, you can convert with a simple click on an invoice.

In addition to track invoices issued or customize your documents with your own logo, corporate types and color shades, you can manage your customers, controlling at any time those documents that are associated with each.

In the event that an invoice remains unpaid on the due date, you will have the opportunity to send a payment reminder to your customer. Likewise, you can export all the documents in a file to be sent without major complications to the appropriate agency.

Through Billomat you can set different discounts, including the number of tax rates that consider appropriate, make different levels of demand for payment, identify your bills through labels and have autobind in interrelated documents.

This tool, which supports gross and net prices, also allows you to create documents quickly and can manage purchase prices. It will facilitate teamwork, creating as many users as you need and managing permissions for each.

In Billomat also it offers the service cloud computing, by which all our files and documents will be in a “cloud” saved. This ensures security because whenever we want we can access our documents simply having internet connection.

In addition to offering greater security the cloud service faster and work efficiency will be obtained and of course you will be betting on investment in innovation.

On the other hand, with Billomat you can improve communication and payment process with each of your customers through your Customer Portal, with which you will strengthen interaction with them, you will be paid your bills online or you can file for them.

The organization of your business will be more agile, flexible and efficient thanks to the facilities provided by a billing tool as Billomat, at the same time we provide maximum security to have all our documents stored in the cloud.

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