Is it possible to know the real customer engagement with the brand?

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Determine the feeling that emerges from the interactions around the brand in Social Media is one the less tedious task.

As reflected in the report Synapsify, 89% of those responsible for this work acknowledges that have not yet accustomed to the use of tools; so they choose to do the analysis at hand.

Therefore, the main obstacle that include marketing professionals in obtaining this information effectively is to do it manually.

Despite the existence of tools for analysis and processing of these data, 33% of them never used; 30% rarely, while 26% on occasion. It should be clarified that 20.5% admit not have budget to try these resources.

Is it possible to know the real customer engagement with the brandAnother reason leading marketing professionals to not fully rely on these tools is that they doubt the reliability of their data (11.4%), and, most importantly, do not consider that the information is input sufficient to determine the degree of affinity to the brand.

These reasons are the cause of major mistakes marketers in this regard. 38% considered common error the giving by valid conclusions provided by these tools, without stopping to verify the information. 23%, meanwhile, recognizes that sometimes takes into account the resolutions of programs that still a little professional criteria.

What are the main obstacles to analyzing the feeling of users?

Professionals involved in the study argue as the main problem the difficulties to separate the useful data from the large amount of noise is generated constantly.

It also found with huge amounts of data and information to organize, study and analyze. The lack of adequate tools also help to improve their work.

Another criticism of these applications are the difficulties to customize and adapt its functions to their specific interests and to make an easy and intuitive use. In short, they should be aimed at improving their daily lives, not to provide tools problems.

To make a professional work, 63% of marketers recommends studying the customer, their specific characteristics and meet your needs. Based on these data it will be possible to guide the work of analysis and research on brand sentiment with greater precision.

We should not forget going beyond quantitative data, and deepen the qualitative aspects that determine the affinity and customer engagement (12.9%). Last but not least, it is necessary to make a comparative study and draw conclusions based on the data, and design actions to act accordingly.

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