How Remote Check In Can Benefit Your Customers

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Providing an online check-in prior to arrival allows your staff to focus on the guest experience and build relationships with them. It also helps reduce front desk queues and improve efficiency for your staff.

It’s also a great way to showcase add-on products like breakfast, spa treatments, chauffeur services and room upgrades. Guests will be more likely to book these options closer to their stay if they can do it quickly and easily online.

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In this era of rapid gratification, we all expect to be able to get things done on our terms. The ability to complete a check-in remotely means that guests can avoid waiting at the front desk, improving customer satisfaction and creating an excellent first impression. For more information on a Visitor sign in system, contact

As an added bonus, having a contactless mobile payment system integrated with your property management system makes for a seamless and convenient experience. It enables you to capture data that is essential for online and offline sales, service and marketing activities, helping you understand your guests better.

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Finally, having a remote check-in service is a great way to demonstrate your brand’s proactivity and your ability to keep up with current trends. It gives your guests the feeling that they are part of a modern, innovative hospitality organisation and enhances their experience and satisfaction, encouraging them to return. They may even be more willing to share positive experiences and recommend your hotel to others.


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