Tips for using a dark lip


A dark lipstick can be sexy and daring, and very feminine. Years that strong shades for lips became a major trend among celebrities, on the runways and in fashion magazines, which are becoming more popular for the general public. The problem is that sometimes are difficult to apply and combine. Why some tips to use that are will be of great use.

Tips for using a dark lip

Among the tips to wear a dark lipstick, we note the following…

Tips for using a dark lipChoose the tone that suits us: Within the dark colors is a wide variety, from red to wine. It is important to know what are the most appropriate for us. For example, if we have clear skin better we will lay matte finishes, while if our skin is dark is better to opt for a brown base.

Healthy lips: The dark tones highlight any imperfections, such as irritation or dryness. Therefore it is recommended to maintain healthy lips with daily care and the application of balms, sunscreen or frequent exfoliation.

Use eyeliner: It is likely that the painting slipping when we eat or drink something, or simply with the passing hours. To avoid this we can delineate with a pencil the same color, or in any case a shade a little darker. Although this does not guarantee that the makeup does not end up cumming, so we also have to use a quality product and long life.

Apply compact powder: It is another trick to keep makeup in place. We just have to apply a few dusts around the edge of the lips with a thin brush.

Apply lipstick with a brush: For better maintenance, the ideal is to superimpose several layers. Previously we recommend applying a first, to make the color set better. Then we can apply the lip slowly with a brush, after which pressing gently remove the excess with a tissue. We repeat the process and sealed with a little translucent powder. And with a brush we get more control, preventing natural step out of line.

Soft for the rest of the face colors: The lips should be the stars of the look, so for the rest of the face should choose light colors. They are strictly prohibited dark eye shadows, because the result would be very unsightly. The key is to balance the tones.

Test with salves or dyes: If we had not yet decided on dark lipsticks, we can try these products, the result is not as intense. They also have the advantage that its application is easier and faster because we do not need to apply outline the lips previously, or compact powders add later.

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