Making Sure you Drive Safely When you Hire a Van


A van is a really useful vehicle and there are lots of reasons why you might need to hire a van from time to time – whether you are planning a house move, you need it for work, or you have a lot of stuff to get from one place to another, such as going on holiday, places like this van hire Bristol based company will be able to give you a hire van when you are in need of one.

If you do not usually drive a van, or have never driven one before, something that you should be aware of is making sure that you drive the van safely and understanding the differences between driving a van and driving a car.

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When you hire your van, be aware of the fact that it is a larger vehicle from a car, and it also doesn’t have a rear view mirror. Here are some tips to help you make sure that you are safe when driving your van and also that other road users are safe too…

Load it Correctly – Before you start driving anywhere, you will need to load the van, and this needs to be done safely. Check the maximum weight that you can put in the van and ensure that what you are loading in doesn’t exceed this. If you are putting large heavy items into the van such as furniture for example, ensure that you have spread the weight around evenly rather than putting it all in one spot.

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Check your Driving Position – Before you get going, do as you would with any new vehicle and make sure that the position is suitable for driving. Adjust the seat if necessary and make sure that you can comfortably use the pedals. You should also become familiar with all of the controls and where they are.

Make Space on the Road – Be aware that the van is larger and be sure to give yourself and others space. Be aware of the larger size of the van when you are overtaking and also when you are parking, as you don’t want to have an accident. You need to rely on the side mirrors in a van so get used to this.

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