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Normally when we think about optimizing a mobile application (App Store Optimization), the first thing that goes through my head is to improve the visual assets like icon or screenshots, or focus on the search and optimization of new keywords. However, we often overlook the impact of ratings and reviews of users download of our mobile application.

Then we will show how you can improve the quality and quantity of these reviews to increase downloads of your app.

How user reviews affect ASO

The user reviews are considered by the algorithms rank an applications, so the more positive reviews has an App, above will appear in search results. Besides this, users also may be influenced by high levels of shock and positive when choosing between an App or similar comments.

ASOConvert a rating of 1 star 5 stars

Rarely the debut of an application gets 5 stars. At first there may be errors, performance issues on different devices, or simply users would like your app to do something else. This can lead to very low ratings and negative feedback at first. But do not get discouraged, these criticisms can be very constructive and will provide key information on how to update and improve your App.

So far, in iOS is not allowed to answer to comments from users, but what you can do in Google Play. Always answer politely, even if they are negative comments, and appreciates the feedback. Only in this way, you will achieve a change of heart.

It is important to know to choose the right time to ask for an assessment. It would be pointless to ask users to rate your app the first time the open because they do not know or would know to use all its features. Waits for the user to become familiar with the App, at least the third or the fifth session.

Get honest reviews from the beginning

The quality of the first ratings and reviews may vary, but it is very important that you get proven and honest opinions from the start.  Instead of waiting for an unknown user to write the first review about your app, you can ask for opinions to your trusted network.

If you have received a tester Apps in the initial phase of your project, ask if he would be willing to write a review. His experience will be more credible than a new user. Another good way is to ask colleagues if they would be willing to try and qualify your app, they know no better detect problems and cajole a good job.

Improve the quality of the reviews

Convert the negative reviews and positive comments critical take time and require constant work. The faster you respond to feedback from users and update your application, you will get better reviews.

As discussed above it is key to know how and when to ask for ratings and reviews. You can conduct a survey within your app at the tenth session, if the comment is positive can encourage him to publish directly into the App Store, and if negative can include an email for you to send your feedback. In this way, you will get valuable information, reviews quality and avoid the bad public comment.

Remember that improve user reviews is just one of the important components of an ASO strategy. If you want to increase your App downloads now hire a freelance professional.

Written by suNCh8

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