Google’s Material Design Comes to YouTube: How to Leverage It


Since last year, web giant Google has been rolling out its Material Design platform to its most prominent services and YouTube looks to be next. Material Design is a tool for developers that is based on the principle of good design married with the progression of technology to create effective and and user friendly web experiences.

Googles Material Design Comes to YouTube

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Why Does It Matter?

Material Design is a solid tool for creating designs that adapt across a number of platforms, both desktop and mobile, which is increasingly vital in a world where a huge percentage of internet users access the web via mobile device only.

Mobile devices in particular have a need for enhanced user experience, and Material Design facilitates this well. A simple grid-based layout allows for responsive layouts, and card-based content that is easily created and consumed. It also is a powerful tool for locality-based services, and is seen across a number of Essex web design projects.

Material Design also matters because of its branding. Google is undoubtedly the most recognisable name in the digital world and its products and services have a reputation that is not taken for granted and many companies including Essex web design agency enovate understand that the main language spoken on the internet is powered by Google. Most SEO statistics are driven by Google search results, so branding in line with the giant makes sense.

YouTube Joins the Fun

YouTube is set to be the next Google product to see the roll-out of Material Design and can be activated via the US version of the site. It’s a slick design that allows for a greater deal of control over how channel landing pages look, which is where clear design objectives come in – whether you already have design strategies in place or are wanting to build from the ground upwards.

With a slicker user experience, the importance of a cohesive design is vital to boost both your business visibility and underpin a strong marketing strategy that focuses on providing a positive experience for users. This is especially true if you already have active social networks under your business name that are distinctly branded; YouTube can now be added to this portfolio and ultimately open up fresh new avenues of opportunity.

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