Dog reunited with owner after Glen Coe adventure


Kobe the Alaskan Malamute has been reunited with his owner after an adventure in snowy Glen Coe. The ordeal began for the pooch when his owner, Glaswegian David Parry, drove into the countryside in his camper van and headed out with his pair of Malamutes for a run across the moorland.

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Malamutes are ideally suited to the snow, as they have thick coats and have been bred specifically for resistance to icy weather, but Mr Parry’s pair, Kobe and Echo, are more accustomed to central heating, so fears for Kobe’s safety grew the longer that he remained missing.

Out for a run

Mr Parry and his dogs are regular runners in the Glen Coe region and belong to the AKobE Marathon Community, a group that encourages and supports free running and marathon events for its members. Mr Parry is always careful to ensure that his dogs are clipped to their harnesses, as Malamutes are known to be particularly resistant to the ‘come’ command, instead being far more interested in chasing whichever smells their sensitive noses have latched on to.

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Even the prospect of being in the warm and dry environment of a camper such as those provided by Welsh coast campervans isn’t always enough to tempt them back when Malamutes are on the trail of something interesting!

On this occasion, Mr Parry admitted to ‘human error’ as he failed to double check the harnesses when setting up a photo with the dogs after their run, a mistake that he is probably unlikely to make again.

A happy ending

Whether trailing through the Highlands or cruising up the Welsh coast campers are a great vehicle for an adventure. But, having parked up prior to his run, Mr Parry quickly lost sight of Kobe, who, responding to instinct, had started following the trail of some deer. After managing to track his pet for a while, he later lost the dog’s trail completely, leaving Mr Parry worried and upset.

However, good news came a few days later, following a wider search and an appeal via the internet. Kobe had apparently been heading back to where Parry had parked his camper van when he was spotted by a driver, who contacted Parry and waited with Kobe for hours before he was reunited with his relieved owner.

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