Educational Catering: It’s All in the Planning


One of the most important parts of a healthy childhood is eating the right foods, and this is an area of life where schools play an active role. School dinners that are healthy and provide the right balance of nutrients give children the energy they need for the day, give them a good relationship with food and set them up for a healthy lifestyle. Educational catering is of vital importance, and meals require careful planning to ensure health, taste and value are all taken into consideration.

Educational Catering

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Special Dietary Needs

Schools are increasingly looking to fresh produce, healthy foods and imaginative menus to provide children with great-tasting, nutritious school dinners. These meals have to be prepared to a budget, so careful planning is always necessary to ensure cost is balanced against health. Schools need to think about the type of food best suited to the school, bearing in mind the age of pupils, their nutritional needs and other matters such as the requirement for religious foods, vegetarian foods and safe foods for those with allergies.

Experimental or Traditional Menus?

Some schools may choose to be more experimental, incorporating interesting new menus and asking children’s opinions on their dining experience. Other schools may prefer to take a traditional route and serve tried-and-tested foods that tick the boxes in terms of nutrition. The objectives of the school need to be taken into consideration to ensure the right outcome that will satisfy children, parents and nutritionists. One point recently discussed is the right to free school meals, a demand backed by doctors, which David Cameron has assured will be met in budget allowances.

Food Machinery and Equipment

There are many services that need to be considered when providing catering supplies and staff for schools. Important areas include quality control, HR, training, health and safety, purchasing, stock control and budget management. All of this needs to be balanced alongside the need for the right equipment, which can be provided by companies such as and other food machinery auctioneers.

High-quality food machinery is a requirement for any satisfactory school dinner service. From ovens and fridge-freezers to food processors and whisks, using the right catering equipment will make the job of food preparation easier, leaving schools to focus on the important issue of nutrition.

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